ø2.5mm Fine-Spot TypePT-3S


<Discontinued Model>

ø2.5 mm fine spot

  • Data sampling with analog output
  • Spot marker and alarm notifications
  • Built-in continuous measurement function
  • ø2.5 mm fine spot

    • With extremely small targets with a small thermal capacity, measurement using conventional contact thermometers is difficult due to the effects of heat during contact.
      The PT-3S, however, is a non-contact thermometer capable of instantly measuring very small objects as small as ø2.5 mm.
      Thanks to simple, single-button operation, measurements are instantaneous.

  • Spot marker and alarm notifications

    • To ensure reliable measurement, the product includes a red spot marker indicating the field of view.
      In addition, the safe design notifies the user via alarm when nearing the minimum ø2.5 mm measurement diameter.

  • Data sampling with analog output

    • The product provides 1 mV/°C of analog output as standard.
      This is ideal for extended data acquisition when used in combination with the continuous measurement function.
      (Analog output cable included as standard.)

  • Pocket-sized pen type

    • The PT-3S is a pen-type thermometer that is perfect for using at a desk.
      This makes use easy through the familiar sensation of holding a pen.
      The product is also designed to be compact for easy storage in a pocket. This makes carrying the product around much more convenient.

  • Energy-saving automatic power off function

    This function is designed to save power by automatically turning off the power following the 10-second operation of the hold function.

  • Built-in continuous measurement function

    The continuous measurement function allows for consecutive measurements without having to press a button.