Accurate Laser Sensor With CMOS Image Sensor TypeD Series


Longer Sensing Distance and Better Repeat Accuracy

  • Sensing distance 40m (Thru-beam type)
  • Response time 0.5ms Max.
  • Easily visible laser spot
D Series
  • Repeat Accuracy

    Very tight Repeat Accuracy, 0.2 - 0.3 mm for BGS type.
    Even Thru-beam and Retro types have 0.3mm Repeat Accuracy (*).
    * = Tested at the middle point of sensing range.

  • Pushbutton Teach with Fine Adjustment

    In addition to a Teach button there are also two threshold adjustment buttons. Fine adjustments can be made to the threshold value after Teaching by using the adjustment buttons.

  • Timer functions

    The pushbutton teach models of the D series have built-in Timer functions for added flexibility.

  • Remote Input

    The DR-Q and BGS-DL sensors have a Remote Teach input that can be used to remotely set the sensor sensitivity.

  • Class 2/Class II IEC, FDA Regulation

    The D series conforms to Class 2 (IEC) and Class II (FDA) regulations.

The most powerful Thru-beam and Retro-reflective type sensors available with a Laser Light Source.
DT series (Laser thru-beam) / DR series (Laser retro-reflective)

The D Series Laser Sensors offer a long sensing distance in conventional Thru-beam and Retro-reflective sensors.
The Co-axial Laser light source gives extremely tight alignment to the target.
Alignment of the sensor is easy thanks to the bright projected laser spot.