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Long Range TypeD Series


<Discontinued Model>

Long range laser photoelectric sensor!

  • Sensing distance: 40 m (through-beam type)
  • Response time: 0.5 ms or less
  • Larger laser spot
D Series
  • Achieves long distance, high-accuracy detection Sensing distance: 40 m (through-beam type)

    Features a sensing distance of 40 m, one of the longest for small photoelectric sensors. Employs red lasers (Class 2) as the light source to enable highly precise positioning detection.

  • Easy adjustment of light axis
    ◎ Larger laser spot

    Features a larger laser spot for easier light axis adjustments. Because the spot light can be confirmed visually, detection position adjustments can be performed quickly.

  • For high-speed lines
    ◎ Response time: 0.5 ms

    Features one of the top response times for laser photoelectric sensors in the industry. This feature makes detection in high speed production line possible.