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M18 Threaded Front Mounting BGS TypeBGS-Y Series


<End of sales by December 2019>

Two Way Mounting of M18 Threaded and Standard Way with Two Holes is Possible

  • Complete selection of sensing types including BGS and object detection
  • M18 threaded front mounting
  • Stable sensing even for Plastic/Glass
BGS-Y Series


Unit : mm
  • Cable type

  • Connector type

  • M12 Connector Cable type

Connector cable (optional)

  • JCN-S, JCN-5S, JCN-10S

  • JCN-L, JCN-5L, JCN-10L

Successor models

  • M84CN-2S, M84CN-5S, M84CN-10S

  • M84CN-2L, M84CN-5L, M84CN-10L