LED BGS SensorsBGS series


Highly balanced BGS standard

BGS series
  • Stable detection without being affected by workpiece color

    BGS Function (Background Suppression)

    The sensor does not turn ON/OFF based on the receiving light quantity, but detects based on the distance to the workpiece.
    It can also be used safely with both brightly and darkly colored workpieces.

  • Effective against Workpiece tilting

    Type with good angular deviation

    With a large spot size of ø10 mm/100 mm, stable detection is possible even if workpieces are tilted.
    It is also highly visible and is extremely convenient for positioning.

  • Easy adjusting

    Finely adjustable 2-turn potentiometer

    • Features a wide distance adjustment range to enable fine distance determinations to be made.
      Since these models also come with indicators, the adjustment position can be confirmed at a glance.

  • Water resistant structure

    Degree of protection on IP67

    • All models in the BGS series conform to IP67 (protective resistance standard) and feature excellent dust and water resistance.
      It also conforms to CE and UL standards and can be used in a wide range of locations.

  • For improved maintenance

    Connector type also available

    • A connector type convenient for replacing sensors or only cables during maintenance is also available. Ideal for use in cleanrooms where the usage of items such as tools is undesirable.