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High-accuracy Laser Displacement SensorCD4 Series


<Discontinued Model>

Featuring a 100 μs sampling period and ±0.1% linearity

  • Seven types of sensor heads for various applications are available
  • Sensor heads feature IP67 level water-resistance
  • Two technologies that make high speed and high accuracy measurements possible
CD4 Series

Functions (amplifier unit)

  • Settings for five control outputs can be performed individually

    CD4 series models are equipped with five control outputs for which upper and lower limit settings are possible. Also, this enables outputs to be set as desired within the measurement range.

    By performing settings such as these, output 1 will turn on for workpieces of Spec. A and output 2 will turn on for workpieces of Spec. B, while no output will turn on in the case of workpieces that do not fit the set Spec. (such as defective items). Settings such as these are not possible using the HH/HI/LO/LL setting method.

  • A wide range of calculation functions are available for various applications

    The optimal calculation process for the target application can be selected from the 10 calculation processes shown below.

  • Featuring a filter function

    Equipped with a low pass/high pass filter in addition to settings for average number of cycles. A low pass filter will help to reduce sudden changes in the measurement while the high pass filter will eliminate slow gradual changes.

  • Easy disconnection type terminal block

    • 0.5 ms high-speed response type

      Wiring can be performed more efficiently because the terminal block is an easy disconnection type. Workability has been improved to facilitate wiring in narrow and difficult to reach locations which eliminates difficulty when replacing amplifiers or rewiring.

  • Analog output can be used with current output and voltage output

    Equipped with a 4 to 20 mA current output and ±5 V voltage output. Either can be used depending on input device specifications.

  • 8 channel bank switching is possible

    Up to 8 settings can be saved and various external settings can be recalled instantaneously using the bank switching input. Of course, recalling of settings can also be performed using amplifier buttons. It is not necessary to perform settings again when making tooling changes.

Serial interface

Remote control by connecting to a computer

  • By connecting a commercially available RS-232C cable to the amplifier unit, various types of data management, as well as remote operation, can be performed using a PC.
    Operations that can be performed using a PC are as follows.

  • Operation settings

    • Continuous / synchronous readout of measurement value/ data buffering (Max. 2000 data)
    • Readout/writing settings of the sensors
    • Readout of control output status
    • Input (bank, hold, zero reset) operations

Computer connection

[Communication procedure]

  • When the computer sends a command to the CD4, the CD4 sends a response back to the computer. Basically, one response is sent to one command. When the computer sends a command, be sure to send it after receiving the response to the previous command. However, stop command can be sent while measurement values are being read continuously.
    Also, in regards to the data buffering function, a response of “>” will be received when buffer recording has completed.