Compact Displacement SensorCD1 Series


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Basic Design Simple Displacement Sensor

  • Compact design ideal for built-in use with OEM machines
  • Versatility from 30 ±4mm to 250 ±150mm distance
  • If a display and signal control is needed both the digital and analogoutput of the CD1 can be connected to a digital panel meter
CD1 Series
  • Teach-in system

    The CD1 is simple to setup and easy to operate.
    It is not necessary to make manual adjustments to the sensor, just push the button.

  • All-in-one solution

    The amplifier and sensor are built-in, the CD1 is a complete self-contained sensor

  • Remote teaching input

    The teaching procedure can be carried out remotely by using the remote teach input. There is no need to perform this step at the sensor.
    This feature is good for OEM machine builders.

  • Dual output - Digital On/Off and analog

    There is a choice of NPN or PNP transistor for the control output, choose the model number based on the desired type.
    The 4 to 20 mA analog output is standard on both types.

Class 2 laser product

  • Classified to Class 2 laser, 650mm, max 1mW.

  • Easy set-up and measuring

    The high and low limit of the measuring range can be set.
    1: Go to the SET mode.
    2: Teach the high and low limit using the workpiece.
    3: Return to RUN mode.

  • IP67 rating

    This stand-alone unit is protected with IP67 design.