Units for CC-Link Communication Field Network Communication Units
for Photoelectric Sensor


  ● Compact slave adapters to field networks
  ● Max. 16 units of D3RF/D3WF fiber sensor amplifer can be connected.
  ● Max. 8 units of CDA displacement sensor amplifier can be connected.


Model UC1-CL11 UC1-EC UC1-EP
Supported version CC-Link Ver. 1.10 EtherCAT*1Slave EtherNet/IP adapter
No. of occupied stations 2/3/4 - -
Communication range 100 to 1200 m 100 m max 100 m max
Baud rate 156 kbps/625 kbps
/2.5 Mbps/5 Mbps/10 Mbps
100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps
Station number settings 1 to 63 - -
Cable connections CC-Link-specified cable STP Category 5 or higher STP Category 5 or higher
Supported functions - Process data communication,
mailbox communication
(supports CoE)
Implicit message (Class1)
Explicit message (Class3, UCMM)
ACD (Address Conflict Detection)
DLR (Device Level Ring)
Static IP
Power connection 2-pole terminal block connectorx. M8 4-pin connectior M8 4-pin connectior
Data communication - PDO communication
(sending: max. 120 bytes,
receiving: max. 36 bytes)
Implicit message
(sending max. 40 byte, receiving 4 byte)
Explicit message
SDO communication
Applicable regulations EMC directive (2014/30/EU) EMC directive (2014/30/EU) EMC directive (2014/30/EU)
Applicable standards EN 61000-6-2, EN 55011 EN 61000-6-2, EN 55011 EN 61000-6-2, EN 55011
NRTL Certification UL Recognized Component

*1. EtherCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG.

Common specifications

Connectable models D3RF/D3WF series inter-connection master and slave unit
CDA series master and slave unit*2
No. of connectable units Up to 16 units*3 (One CDA unit occupies two units)
Connection type 5-pin connector for linking (functions as a linking end unit)
Rating Supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC, including ±10% ripple (p-p)
Power consumption 3 W or less
Protection circuit Reverse connection protection
Installation 35 mm DIN rail
Material PC

*2. Lot. No 2017F or larger of CDA-DM2 supports connection with UC1-EC or UC1-EP.
*3. The maximum number of connectable D3RF/D3WF units varies depending on the ambient temperature.

Ambient temperature -25 to +55oC -25 to +50oC -25 to +45oC
No. of connectable D3RF/D3WF 1 to 3 4 to 8 9 to 16


(Unit : mm)
  • UC1-CL11

  • UC1-EC/-EP