Digital Fiber AmplifiersD3RF/D3IF Series

Easy-to-use fiber amplifiers

  •  Fastest high-speed response in the world
    Supports cross talk prevention functions for up to 2 units, even in the fastest mode
  • New generation specifi cations for sensing distance as well
  • 100% display for better recognition of level change
D3RF/D3IF Series

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    File Name
  • D3RF/D3IF series
  • D3RF/D3IF series
  • D3RF / D3IF Standalone (3D)[1.68MB]
  • D3RF / D3IF Standalone (dxf)[47.98KB]
  • D3RF / D3IF Interconnection (3D)[3.84MB]
  • D3RF / D3IF Interconnection (dxf)[98.39KB]