Fiber UnitFLEXIBLE R2mm Series

Easy to handle fiber with a bending radius of 2 mm

  • Adjustable mounting type that switches between straight view and side view also available
  • 40 mm wide screen fiber type is available
FLEXIBLE R2mm Series

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    File Name
  • FLEXIBLE R2mm series
  • Sensing Distance
  • NF-DK04Z(3D)[36.34KB]
  • NF-DK66(3D)[36.28KB]
  • NF-DK67(3D)[55.69KB]
  • NF-DR11(3D)[34.18KB]
  • NF-TK05(3D)[14.55KB]
  • NF-TS40(3D)[354.23KB]
  • NF02-DK(3D)[47.04KB]
  • NF02-TK(3D)[37.54KB]