IO-Link HubUR-DS Series

Unit that converts 1 CH of IO-Link ports in IO-Link
Master to digital and analog I/O

  • Expandable I/O up to 256 (16 x 16) points by connecting to IO-Link Master
  • Digital input is Sink(NPN) / Source(PNP), all terminals are switched at once
  • Digital output is Sink(NPN) / Source(PNP), each pin individually switchable (our original)

    IO-Link Hub, Analog I/O
    UR-DS4AD (4-input)
    UR-DS4DA (4-output)

UR-DS Series

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  • UR-DS Series datasheet[1.06MB]
  • UR-DS Series Instruction Manual[3.91MB]
  • UR-DS Series User's Manual[3.96MB]
  • UR-DS Series(3D)[2.53MB]
  • UR-DS Series(2D)[732.02KB]