IO-Link Supported BGS SensorZ4B Series

High-power LED and IO-Link supported
BGS sensor with small spot LED

  • IO-Link supported: Connectable to various field networks via IO-Link Master
  • High power and small spot LED light source
  • Enhanced ambient illuminance resistance
Z4B Series

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  • Z4B Series
  • Z4B Series Instruction Manual
  • Z4B Series Index List
  • Z4B IODD File[214.79KB]
  • Z4B Series (3D)[953.70KB]
  • Z4B Series (DXF)[64.05KB]
  • M84CN-xxS Connector Cable (3D/DXF)[102.31KB]
  • M84CN-xxL Connector Cable (3D/DXF)[103.41KB]
  • BEF-W100-x Mounting bracket (3D/DXF)[146.85KB]
  • LK-Sx Protective mounting bracket (3D/DXF)[63.10KB]