Miniature TypeE Series

Super Thin Size and Flexible Installation by Universal Mounting Holes

  • Super Side-sense Type projects the beam from the 5mm(0.19 inch) of wide edge of the sensor
  • M8 pig-tail connector types are available for all models
  • Tough mechanics. 100G Shock Resistance and IP67 Water tightness
  • Easily visible indicator LED can be seen even from the back
E Series

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  • E series
  • E series
  • E series(3D)[628.14KB]
  • ED-100(dxf)[14.04KB]
  • EL-08(dxf)[12.98KB]
  • EL-15(dxf)[13.07KB]
  • EL-30(dxf)[12.98KB]
  • ET-500(dxf)[22.91KB]
  • SIDE type(dxf)[43.71KB]