Sensing LED Ring LightingOPR Series

“FALUX sensing” enables monitoring of brightness and feedback control

  • Using the attachment lens allows switching between 3 illumination angles
  • Two to three times the amount of light of conventional models with improved uniformity of illumination distribution
OPR Series

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    File Name
  • OPR series
  • OPR series
  • OPR-32-10□(3D)[1.33MB]
  • OPR-S55-28□(3D)[1.80MB]
  • OPR-S70-43□(3D)[1.93MB]
  • OPR-S85-58□(3D)[2.19MB]
  • OPR-32-10□(dxf)[117.49KB]
  • OPR-S55-28□(dxf)[147.11KB]
  • OPR-S70-43□(dxf)[141.33KB]
  • OPR-S85-58□(dxf)[167.56KB]