IO-Link MasterUR Series

Highly functional IO-Link Master for various industrial Ethernet

  • First in industry* Mixed connection of digital Sink(NPN) / Source(PNP) I/O devices is realized with one unit
  • Largest no. in industry* 16 channels
  • Fastest in industry* Realized the minimum cycle time of 0.3 ms
  • *Regarding IO-Link Master, surveyed by OPTEX FA in November, 2021.

UR Series

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    File Name
  • UR Series leaflet
  • UR Series solution catalog[1.77MB]
  • UR Series datasheet[739.27KB]
  • UR Series Instruction Manual[3.40MB]
  • UR User's Manual[24.67MB]
  • UR-MS IODD installation tool[1.85MB]
  • UR-MS CC-Link IE TSN/CC-Link IE Field CSP+ files[429.99KB]
  • UR-MS CC-Link IE TSN/CC-Link IE Field function block data[17.54KB]
  • UR-ES Management tools[19.98MB]
  • UR-ES CC-Link IE Field Basic CSP+ files[34.29KB]
  • UR-ES CC-Link IE Field Basic function block data[4.51KB]
  • UR-ES EtherNet/IP EDS files[1.86KB]
  • UR-ES EtherCAT ESI files[1.66KB]
  • UR series(3D)[1.55MB]
  • UR series(2D)[683.67KB]