Laser Displacement SensorsCD2H Series

Best-in-class*, All-in-one Middle-range Sensors

  • Highest-in-class* Repeat Accuracy
  • Fastest-in-class* Sampling Period
  • Measurement in a long distance up to 1,200mm
  • Received light waveform can be displayed on OLED Display.
  • *Among laser displacement sensors with the repeat accuracy of 1μm
    (Investigated by OPTEX FA in November 2021)

CD2H Series

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    File Name
  • CD2H Series Catalog[5.60MB]
  • CD2H Series[2.87MB]
  • CD2H Instruction Manual
  • CD2H User's Manual
  • CD2H Index List
  • CD2H IODD File[214.54KB]
  • CD2H URES Navigator[70.35KB]
  • CD2H Series(3D)[191.60KB]
  • CD2H Series(dxf)[96.43KB]
  • YF2A15 Connector Cable(3D/dxf)[233.36KB]
  • DOL-1205 Connector Cable(3D/dxf)[19.62KB]
  • CD2H Bracket (dxf)[38.17KB]