Fiber UnitHEAT RESISTANT(130℃ or below) Series

Fiber units for ambient temperatures of 130°C or below

  • This heat resistant series offers most models in the industry at 26 models
    (according to in-house survey)
HEAT RESISTANT(130℃ or below) Series

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    File Name
  • HEAT RESISTANTEE30℁Eor belowEESeries
  • Sensing Distance
  • NF-DH02(3D)[63.79KB]
  • NF-DH09(3D)[61.39KB]
  • NF-TH01(3D)[38.46KB]
  • NF-TH06(3D)[21.00KB]
  • NF-TH17(3D)[13.11KB]
  • NF-TS22H(3D)[13.27KB]
  • NF-TS22M(3D)[13.27KB]
  • NF-TS23(3D)[11.42KB]
  • NF25-DH(3D)[47.04KB]
  • NF25-TH(3D)[37.59KB]
  • NF-TH01(dxf)[9.64KB]