SUS Protector and Small LED SensorsKR-Q/SR-Q Series

Industry's standard of transparent object detection sensor

  • Stable detection even at close distances
  • Visible red spot light
  • Narrow view design which makes detecting through gaps possible
KR-Q/SR-Q Series

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    File Name
  • KR-Q/SR-Q series
  • KR-Q series
  • SR-Q series
  • KR-Q50N(3D)[207.94KB]
  • KR-Q50N(dxf)[17.17KB]
  • KR-Q50NW(dxf)[17.16KB]
  • K Series Connector(dxf)[21.46KB]
  • K Series Bracket(dxf)[19.24KB]
  • K Series Connector type with Bracket(dxf)[23.66KB]
  • Slit SK-01(dxf)[9.34KB]
  • SR-Q series(3D)[515.83KB]
  • SR-Q50N/CN(dxf)[26.27KB]
  • S Series Bracket(dxf)[10.47KB]