Digital Fiber SensorD2RF/D2GF Series

Fiber amplifiers featuring dual outputs, dual displays, and dual sensitivity correction functions

  • Enables detection for any application
  • Water resistant types (IP66) and models with analog outputs are also available
  • Adapts to usage environments with its numerous functions
D2RF/D2GF Series

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    File Name
  • D2RF/D2GF series
  • D2RF/D2GF series[7.59MB]
  • D2RF/D2GF series IP50(3D)[3.89MB]
  • D2RF/D2GF series IP66(3D)[2.02MB]
  • D2RF Stand Alone(dxf)[92.33KB]
  • D2RF Master Unit(dxf)[93.74KB]
  • D2RF Slave Unit(dxf)[101.48KB]