Standard Elongated Hole, Small TypeBGS-S/BGS-2S Series

Standard elongated hole type and small type BGS sensors

  • For locations with small mounting space
  • For accurate detection of small workpieces
  • High-speed response: 0.5 ms
BGS-S/BGS-2S Series

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    File Name
  • BGS-S/BGS-2S series
  • BGS-S/BGS-2S series
  • BGS-S series(3D)[1,000.54KB]
  • BGS-2S series(dxf)[20.64KB]
  • BGS-S Cable(dxf)[16.21KB]
  • BGS-S Connector(dxf)[13.47KB]
  • BEF-W100-A(dxf)[12.44KB]
  • BEF-W100-B(dxf)[11.75KB]