BGS With C-MOS Image Sensor TypeBGS-DL Series

High Repeat Accuracy BGS Sensor Utilizing C-MOS Image Sensor

  • C-MOS linear Image Sensor
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment function
  • FGS mode is available
BGS-DL Series

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    File Name
  • BGS-DL series
  • BGS-DL series
  • BGS-DL series(3D)[2.85MB]
  • BGS-DL Cable(dxf)[24.44KB]
  • BGS-DL Connector(dxf)[26.15KB]
  • BGS-DL Cable(dxf)[34.42KB]
  • BGS-DL Connector(dxf)[35.81KB]
  • BGS-DL Cable(dxf)[33.76KB]
  • BGS-DL Connector(dxf)[33.17KB]