Cable TypeV2 Series

Renewed V2 series with high-level specifications

  •   70 m sensing distance (through-beam type)
  • Uses a red LED for the light source. Easy adjustment of light axis even over a long distance
  • Universal voltage type and DC power type
V2 Series

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    File Name
  • V2 series
  • V2 series
  • BGS-2Vxx AC/DC(3D)[379.05KB]
  • BGS-2Vxx DC Cable(3D)[397.38KB]
  • BGS-2Vxx DC Connector(3D)[1.07MB]
  • V2T-7000 AC/DC(3D)[177.45KB]
  • V2T-7000 DC Cable(3D)[185.54KB]
  • V2T-7000 DC Connector(3D)[882.64KB]