AC/DC Power Supply/ Terminal TypeV3/V4 Series

Various Types in Connection are Available

  • Easy and quick disconnection for quick maintenance
  • Simply remove the main body from the base to replace the sensor
  • Long sensing distance: 70 meters (thru-beam type)
  • Terminal connection (AC types - V4 series)
V3/V4 Series

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  • Download
    File Name
  • V3/V4 series
  • V3/V4 series
  • V3 AC/DC Cable(3D)[544.37KB]
  • V3 DC Cable(3D)[634.35KB]
  • V3 DC Connector(3D)[862.64KB]
  • V3T Emitter AC/DC Cable(3D)[312.03KB]
  • V3T Emitter DC Cable(3D)[313.14KB]
  • V3T Emitter DC Connector(3D)[488.35KB]
  • V4 AC/DC Terminal(3D)[622.68KB]
  • V4 DC Terminal(3D)[717.43KB]
  • V4T Emitter AC/DC Terminal(3D)[395.83KB]
  • V4T Emitter DC Terminal(3D)[443.86KB]