Photoelectric Sensors

Long range detection

Positioning of Robot Heads

Positioning of Robot Heads

The TOF-DL series laser distance sensor performs robot head positioning. Because the TOF-DL measures distance according to Time-Of-Flight, positioning is possible at up to 2.5 meters.
This makes the TOF-DL series most suitable for situations where distance is problematic for displacement sensors and pinpoint measurements cannot be performed with ultrasonic sensors.

Model: Ultra-Compact Laser Distance Sensor  TOF-DL series

Detection of Upper/Lower Limit of Hoppers

Hopper Upper/Lower Material Limit Detection

Monitor the upper and lower limits for material supply levels by TOF-L series BGS long-distance laser sensor in hoppers.
Detection is possible even at distances of up to 4.5 m. With two separate outputs, both upper and lower limits can be detected separately.
Moreover, detection of granulated objects (sound absorber) that cannot be detected using ultrasonic sensors is possible.

Model: Low Cost / Small Type  Z3D-W20

Detecting existence of workpiece in the cell production line

Detecting existence of workpiece in the cell production line

Long range laser BGS sensor TOF-L can detect objects at 4.5 meter long distance from the sensor head. It can be installed at the space over the worker's head and won't bother worker.

Model: Long range laser BGS sensor  TOF-L series