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TOF Sensors Technical Guide

TOF sensor measure the distance by measuring time difference from emitting light to receiving the light reflected at object surface. There are two major method to measure the time difference as follows.

OPTEX FA TOF sensors

This is the introduction of the new product which has ultra compact housing and ability utilizing strength of TOF method.

Recommendation ! Featured Fiber Sensors

As a matter of fact, OPEX FA has the most number of fiber units line-up in the industry (by own research).
Utilize for selection of fiber units and sensors and also for designing of machines and equipment.

OPTEX FA Transparent Object Detection Sensor

OPTEX FA’s transparent object detection sensor has been widely adopted in various industries, including not only the food industry but also the automotive and semiconductor industries.
Those who use this sensor regularly praise the sensor’s stable and accurate detection capabilities.
Moreover, the sensor can detect any transparent object, making this transparent sensor lineup the best in the industry.

Introducing BGS (Distance Setting Type) Sensors from OPTEX FA

BGS stands for background suppression, and this type of reflective sensor operates on the principle of triangulation.

Environmental resistance

OPTEX-FA is developing products considering various environmental resistance including IEC standard and internal regulations.