This page explains the various features of OPTEX FA products through easy-to-understand videos.
These videos make it easy to see the size of products as well as to learn more about the functions they offer.

  • No1. Measurement in micron order
    Ultra High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor
    CDX series
    • World’s No. 1 Linearity:±0.015%F.S.
    • Direct Ethernet connection
    • Equipped with a Web Server
    Featuring a fusion of ultra-high-accuracy and ease-of-use, the CDX series laser displacement sensors offer an extremely high level of perfection.
  • No2. Z-axis measurement in smaller machines
    Compact Laser Displacement Sensor
    CD22 series
    • Smallest displacement sensor in class
    • Built-in amplifier & digital 4-digit display
    • Featuring high performance functionality like high-end models
    The CD22 series is the smallest displacement sensor in its class by adopting a new type of hybrid lens for the optical system and by integrating accumulated optical technology.
  • No3. Edge control, Width/Gap Measurement
    Through-beam Edge Sensor
    TD1 series
    • Linearity:±40μm
    • Light axis alignment function for easy installation
    • Easily readable amplifier unit
    The TD1 series displacement sensor is ideal for equipment and production lines where edge control is required, such as for measurement of the end surfaces of components or sheet materials.
  • No4. Shape measurement (2D measurement)
    2D Displacement Sensor
    LS series
    • Linearity:±0.1% of F.S.
    • Sampling period of 0.5 ms (max. speed)
    • 2-dimensional measurements at a significantly low cost
    Using parallel line laser light, the LS series is capable of 2-dimensional detection of workpiece surface shapes and detects items such as height, width, thickness, pitch, groove depth, tilt, and presence.
  • No5. Long-Range Detection
    TOF Type with Built-in Digital Panel
    TOF-DL series
    • TOF(Time-Of-Flight principle)
    • Analog output type and 3-control-output type
    • Built-in digital display for simple setup
    The TOF-DL series enables detection at up to 2.5 m. See distances at a glance with this compact sensor’s digital display.
  • No6. Small Object Detection
    High-resolution C-MOS Laser Type
    BGS-HL series
    • Minimum detectable height difference = 0.08 mm
    • Built-in controller and 4-digit display
    • 2-output type is available
    Immune to the color / gloss of workpiece, and suppress the background.
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