• OPTEX FA newly developed TOF sensors that solve the problems that the conventional long distance measurement sensors had.
    Our new TOF sensors are ideal for the use in the transportation lines for detecting large workpieces or in automatic warehouses, etc.
    The new TOF-L and TOF-DL series are ultra compact based on time-of-flight technology.

What is the TOF?

  • TOF is acronym of "Time Of Flight". TOF is the way of measurement that converts the time to the distance: It measures the time from the pulse emission of laser to its return in the sensor.

    For example, when it takes 10 ns (Nano second) from emitting laser pulse up to receiving reflected laser pulse, it takes 5 ns for one way from sensor to the target object, because the velocity of light is 300,000 km/sec, the distance is calculated as 5 ns x 300,000 km/s = 1.5 m.

Measurement accuracy of the TOF sensor is not affected by the distance.

Measurement sensor (BGS) utilizing triangulation measures distance by converting difference of distance on the image sensor which receives the light reflected at the target object surface. The longer distance the smaller difference of distance on the image sensor that causes less measurement accuracy. On the other hand, TOF measurement sensor can measure the distance with stable accuracy because it measures time difference which is not affected by the measurement distance.

  • Long distance BGS laser sensor
    Analog output type
    TOF-DL series  
    ・Analog output and 3 x Control     output type
    ・Digital panel built-in

  • Long distance BGS laser sensor
    ON/OFF type
    TOF-L series  
    ・Sensing distance 4.5 m Max.
    ・Stable detection for long distance

  • Long Sensing Distance
    BGS sensor
    TOF-3V Series
    ・Sensing distance 20 m Max.
    ・Dual laser system

Distinguishing features ! OPTEX FA TOF sensor
OPTEX FA TOF Sensors solve the problem of the conventional long distance reflective sensors.
<< Problem 1>>
Conventional mesurement sensors are big and heavy !

Most of conventional long distance detection sensors are big and heavy.
It restricts on mounting the sensors on machines and would be replaced with long distance displacement sensors in a case.

TOF-L/DL series is compact and light weight !
Especially, emitter part and receiver part of the TOF-L/DL series are designed originally to save space !  It achieved compact size: 17 x 32.8 x 44.4 (W x D H) mm.

<< Problem 2>>
Conventional measurement sensors use Class 2 laser which has to be treated carefully.

When the laser emitter utilizes Class 2 laser to detect target objects at long distance, you have you take care of safety especially not to aim the laser to operator's eyes and to be careful to install.

OPTEX FA TOF sensors uses Class 1 laser !
By employing high sensitivity optical device "APD" for receiver, it can use Class 1 laser. You don't have to protect your eyes and it can detect objects at long distance: 20 m (TOF-3V series).

is the APD?
APD is acronym of "Avalanche Photo Diode" which is high speed high sensitivity photo diode. By Avalanche effect that multiplies internal current, it can detect very small light signal.

The light strength won't bother operators
so it's very good for installing for equipment.

OPTEX FA TOF sensors can be installed at the limited space where it won't bother operators and the space that conventional sensors can't be installed because of size.

〈Analog output type〉

  • Controlling lifting height of elevator

    With analog output type, lifting height of elevator can be controlled. It can measure the lifting height of the tray accurately and control elevator even if the height of the trays varies.

  • Checking remaining material in the tank

    Because it can measure long distance accurately, remaining material can be detected in the tank even if the tank is deep.

  • Monitoring remaining non-woven fabric

    Remaining non-woven fabric on the roll can be monitored. TOF measurement sensor can measure from long distance and it can measure the distance even if the thickness of the fabric on the roll is large.

〈ON/OFF type〉

  • Checking if the workpiece is sitting correctly or not on cell-production

    It can check if the workpiece is sitting correctly or not at the assembling stage of the cell-production. Sensor can be mounted at the position over operator's head that won't bother operator and helps reducing assembling cycle time.

  • Checking existence of objects in the automatic warehouse

    It checks existence of objects in the automatic warehouse. Because its compact housing, it can be installed at the very limited space.

  • Detecting aluminum frame from long distance

    It checks existence of the aluminum frame. It has long sensing range and can detect objects on the line from long distance.

〈Long range detection type〉

TOF-3V series Retro Reflective Type is recommended for the application which requires long range (20m Max.) detection that customers were willing to solve before.

  • Position detection of items on moving palette

    It can detect position of objects on the pallet by detecting from long distance.

  • Position detection of automated guided vehicle

    By using multiple sensors, the position of AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) can be detected.

  • Level detection of melted aluminum liquid

    Because it can measure long distance, remaining melted aluminum can be detected in the tank even if the tank is deep.