Displacement Sensors

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Displacement Sensors Technical Guide

Basic information of displacement Sensors available

Visualize FA sensors with iQss!

Simplify sensor configuration and control through linked operation with Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment.

Food Packaging Process Solutions

OPTEX FA offers various photoelectric and vision sensors in the goal to improve quality, safety and productitity in food packaging processes.

Roll-to-Roll Measurement and Inspection Solutions

We introduce the measurement and inspection solution in the roll to roll method manufacturing, using the resin sheet manufacturing process as an example.

Easy to understand! Video Introductions of the CDX Series’ Best Features

This page explains the various features of the CDX series through easy-to-understand videos.
Each video uses actual workpieces to demonstrate the strengths of the sensors.

Easy to understand! Video Introductions of Sensor Features

This page explains the various features of OPTEX FA products through easy-to-understand videos.
These videos make it easy to see the size of products as well as to learn more about the functions they offer.

Displacement Sensor Technical Magazine

Optex-FA's laser displacement sensor.
It descries a lot of technical information that are not on the catalog.

IoT-Compatible Products from Optex FA

Easy viewing and control of displacement sensor measurement values and settings via the Web.

Starter Kit for LabVIEW

The CDX Series Starter kit for LabVIEW offers LabVIEW drivers and samples for OPTEX FA’s ultra high-accuracy laser displacement sensor CDX series.

Environmental resistance

OPTEX-FA is developing products considering various environmental resistance including IEC standard and internal regulations.