Sensing Bar LightingOPB-S Series

FALUX sensing” enables monitoring of brightness and feedback control

  • Easily adjust multiple lighting elements at the same brightness using default brightness data and standard brightness data stored internally.
    (diffuse-reflective type)
  • Adopts brightness fluctuation correction and high optical quality of the popular OPB Series.
OPB-S Series

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    File Name
  • OPB-S series
  • OPB-S series
  • OPB-S5015W(3D)[499.32KB]
  • OPB-S10015W(3D)[515.80KB]
  • OPB-S15015W(3D)[536.25KB]
  • OPB-S20015W(3D)[634.85KB]
  • OPB-S25015W(3D)[628.20KB]
  • OPB-S30015W(3D)[672.89KB]
  • OPB-S5015W(dxf)[37.50KB]
  • OPB-S10015W(dxf)[37.71KB]
  • OPB-S15015W(dxf)[37.64KB]
  • OPB-S20015W(dxf)[56.40KB]
  • OPB-S25015W(dxf)[41.49KB]
  • OPB-S30015W(dxf)[41.89KB]