IO-Link Complete Guide

This section provides an easy-to-understand overview of IO-Link, its features and benefits. You can learn about IO-Link basic knowledge, technical explanations, and precautions from the tabs below.

1. Fastest Cycle Time for IO-Link

The three types of fastest cycle time for IO-Link are as follows.
・ COM1: 4.8 kbps, transmission at a maximum speed of 18 ms
・ COM2: 38.4 kbps, transmission at a maximum speed of 2.3 ms
・ COM3: 230.4 kbps, transmission at a maximum speed of 0.3 ms
The above values are the fastest cycle time of IO-Link Master. In general, it is automatically set to match the fastest cycle time of the connected device.

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2. Standard Sensor Cable (3-wire unshielded cable)

Standard sensor cables used in the past can be used for the cable.
A 3-wire unshielded cable, including the connecting communication line, can be used, eliminating the need for a dedicated cable.

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3. IODD File

The IODD (IO Device Description) that defines IO-Link device information is provided by each IO-Link device manufacturer. The following data is stored in IODD file.
- Device data
- Identification data, process data, and diagnostics
- Manufacturer's Logo
- Communication Properties
*Data stored varies by manufacturer and model.

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4. Index List

A list of where and what data is allocated to the IO-Link device.
This is mainly a list of data you want to retrieve from the device or check when setting it up.

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