Corporate History

OPTEX FA CO., LTD. started as the industrial photoelectric sensor business of parent company, OPTEX CO., LTD. SICK OPTEX CO., LTD. was subsequently established, as a joint venture with SICK AG of Germany, the world's largest industrial sensor manufacturer. Our development and technological capabilities have been highly evaluated through business with SICK.
In 2002, the organization became independent, as the current OPTEX FA. Along with accumulation of know-how and experience through technical collaboration with the major supplier in the industry, we have created our own product brand, FASTUS.
OPTEX FA has now grown to be one of the core business of OPTEX GROUP CO., LTD., that is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Changes in business of the industrial photoelectric sensor division of OPTEX CO., LTD.

1985Started development of photoelectric sensors in OPTEX CO., LTD.
1986Released the first photoelectric sensor (Built-in amplifier type).
1987Contracted with SICK GmbH (SICK AG today) and started delivery to European market as OEM supplier.
1988Started delivery to Korea and Chinese market.
1989SICK GmbH (SICK AG today) and OPTEX established SICK OPTEX CO., LTD for development of photoelectric sensors sharing its capital 50/50%.
2001Started production in Dongguan in Guangdong province in China.


2002 JANFA division started its new history in Kyoto as newly-established company "OPTEX FA CO., LTD". (Capital: 200 million JPY)Tokyo office was also established in Shinjyuku at the same time.
2003 SEPAll-in-one (Camera, Light, Controller and monitor) color vision sensor "CVS1 series" was released.
2004 MAR"CVS1 series" get an award of the seventh packing machine inspection technology prize.
2004 OCTDisplacement sensor "CD4 series" was released.
2005 FEB"CVS4 series" with character recognition function was released.
2006 JANStarted LED business.
2006 JUNNew office in Opened in Nagoya.
2007 FEBAcquired Japan F.A. Systems Co. Ltd
2007 MAYReleased "MVS series".
2008 FEBContracted business tie-up with IDEC Corporation.
2011 MARStarted cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric for business in factory automation industry.
2011 OCTNew office opened in Kyushu (Fukuoka).
2012 FEBNew office opened in Kobe.
2012 OCTLaunched 1st "FASTUS" brand product displacement sensor CD22 series.
New office opened in Ebina.
2013 JULM&A of Japan F.A. Systems Corporation.
2013 SEPSubsidiary R&D company SensorVision Co.,Ltd. Established in Kyoto.
2013 NOVSubsidiary sales company established in China (Guangzhou).
2013 DEC2D displacement sensor "LS series" was released.
2014 FEBSensing backlight LED lighting "OPF series" was released.
2014 AUGPhotoelectric sensor "Z3 series" was released.
2015 FEBCC-Link through unit "UC1 series" was released.
2016 APRAgreement with CCS Inc. on comprehensive tie-up.
2016 JULOPPD-30E LED Lighting Controller with Ethernet Connectivity "OPPD-30E series" was released.
M&A of Subsidiary SensorVision Co.,Ltd.
2016 DECDelisted from "JASDAQ"
2017 JANChanged function of OPTEX Group company to a holding company and made Optex FA as its subsidiary by Share Exchange.
2018 APROPTEX FA INC. established in the United States.
2018 JUNNagoya Office is relocated to Nagoya City’s Nakamura Ward.
2018 MAYThrough-beam Edge Sensor ,TD1 series, was released.
2018 JULOPTEX MFG CO., LTD. established to oversee production-related functions of OPTEX Group.
2018 AUGThailand sales office was established within OPTEX(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
2019 JANTOKYO OPTO-ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of OPTEX FA.
2020 JANNew office opened in Kyoto.