The OPTEX Approach to Quality

Basic Quality Policy

With a focus on quality first, OPTEX FA aims to continuously create and provide value that satisfies its customers.

Code of Conduct

  1. Quality & Service
    1. All those engaged in OPTEX FA business activities will continue to deliver high-quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Compliance & Satisfaction
    1. OPTEX FA’s primary corporate goals are individual professional ethics, compliance with legal requirements and satisfying customer requirements.
  3. Continuing Improvement
    1. We will challenge ourselves to swiftly and continuously improve.

The KES Environmental Management System Standard

  • KES is a standard that focuses on environmental management systems, which are the mechanisms for managing and reducing the environmental burden of a corporation or other entity at the management level. Although the ISO 14001 international standard exists for environmental management systems, the KES was developed as an easy-to-understand and easy-to-manage standard.。

Status of complying to RoHS directive